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 Ray and I are the proud owners of Sammie Sears (named Lila at birth), born June 25, 2018. We brought her home August 30, 2018. She has brightened our lives so much.

 Sammie is a healthy,very smart and beautiful companion; everyone loves her...she knows no strangers...and believes everyone lives to play with her!

Everyday she and Ray hike and explore in one of four local parks or forests. She makes the rangers,children and elderly walkers smile...they all call her by name.

 They also travel to the river in Fredericksburg where she loves to wade.

 Her temperament and manners are impressive. She is so loved and loving.

 Thank you for introducing her to us. I'm sending photos and videos.

 Pat Sears


Thanks to Randy and Susan for our new Toy Goldendoodle, Izzy !!! She is a beautiful puppy 

and very well behaved. Izzy adjusted very easily to her new home. It was such a pleasure to 

work with Randy, he is very professional and caring. Randy sent weekly pictures to us from when Izzy was born right up until the week we picked her up. He was always available to speak to us with any questions we had. If you are thinking of getting a puppy, I highly recommend Short Mountain Doodles and Poos LLC

Gina & Jessica

Toy Goldendoodle
Toy Goldendoodle

Nuggets Testimonial

Nugget is AMAZING. She was so easy to house train (we can count her number of accidents on one hand), so super sweet and loving, and she picked up her obedience lessons extremely fast. It is obvious she was very well socialized for those first twelve weeks before we got her-- she has always been gentle and easy-going, and extremely well-behaved for groomers and vet. Nugget goes almost every day to Virginia Tech's English Department, where she "works" in the office to help students, faculty, and staff relax and get a bit of puppy joy in the midst of their day. If someone is having a tough day, she instinctively climbs into their lap and allows a long cuddle for comfort. Nugget is happy to represent VT English as Nugget the Hokie Pup on instagram, and she loves exploring campus. She is the PERFECT dog in every way, including size. The vet says she's about full grown now at a healthy 11.2 pounds, the perfect size both to play wrestle with kids and cuddle up easily for a car ride. We take her everywhere: to work, hiking, vacation, for coffee-- she has become the perfect addition to complete our little family. We can't thank Randy enough! 

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