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Given the current events with Covid-19 affecting all of our lives it is paramount that we be diligent in our everyday lives and practice good hygiene and social distancing. At Short Mountain Doodles and Poos we are naturally socially distant as we are located in the wonderful Fort Valley area of Virginia, we are located on several acres of solitude with fresh country air and zero public interaction.

I would like everyone to know that none of our babies are exposed to any outside elements of contact, we only allow visitation by appointment on a very limited scale.

I have read several articles that this disease cannot be transmitted from your pets, whether that be factual or not, please remember, they are part of your family and if you are sheltering in place, they are as well.

During this time of crisis, know that we pray for each and everyone of you and for your fur babies as well.

Take care of you and your fur babies, and we will get through this.

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