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About Us at Short Mountain Doodles and Poo's

Cavalier Cavapoo

Welcome to Short Mountain Doodles and Poos LLC website. Please take the time to browse all of our information and view all of our Wonderful Babies.


Doodles and Poos is a family run operation located in the wonderful Fort Valley, Virginia area. Our babies are raised on 7 plus private acres with Passage Creek as our border on one side. Mountains and woodlands complete the layout everywhere else. Fresh air is their daily dose of enjoyment accompanied with boundless care and love. Each one is treated as an individual with their own separate personality and needs, which I might add, they make known in no certain terms. This combined with the whole makes the family in which we live in daily.

We are not a puppy mill by any stretch of the imagination which by any standard, especially mine, should be prohibited nationwide, and enforced by strict laws governing their existence. Our babies are all OFA certified and Vet cared for on a regular basis, we do not breed every heat cycle with plenty of time for Moms to recover and replenish. This operation is based on our love of our babies and breeding is the added monetary means to assist us with their care and well-being to have a forever home.


We firmly believe that puppies need to have a solid connection with their new parents. Bonding is the key to any successful relationship with both two and four legged family members.

We only sell our puppies to individuals and families that express a solid understanding that this will be a family member from infancy to the final trip across the “Rainbow Bridge”. And with all stages of life, there will be new adventures and love to be shared as a part of the family. We absolutely enjoy updates and pictures of this commitment and journey when it’s shared with us.

We are here for questions and to help with your new family member long after the sale, we consider this and extension of our family. This is our commitment to you and your bundle of four legged joy.

We have also paired up with who is a long time friend and fellow breeder. We share insight and also refer to one another individuals looking for their forever baby.

Our Fur Babies are looking forward to joining you in their new forever home. Visit our site often for litter updates and photos as they become available

Mini  Goldendoodle

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