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* Pricing is non negotiable. I DO offer discounts to repeat customers and those wanting more than one Fur baby at time of purchase.

Waiting List and Deposit Terms:

Please Note: When using the PayPal button for deposits, etc. add the 3 percent surcharge fee that PayPal charges. For deposits of $ 250.00 it will automatically add the surcharge fee into the deposit.

To get on a waiting list, Contact Randy @ shortmountaindoodlesandpoos@gmail.com

Pick of the litter Fee is: $500.00 non refundable.

Second Pick (if desired) of the litter Fee is: $ 400.00 non refundable.

Balance of litter is on a first come basis after 1st and 2nd picks (if any are chosen) Fur Baby Deposits are: $ 250.00 non refundable.

All litter reserves are on first come, first serve basis, and are secured by your deposit. 

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