Fort Valley, Virginia

We are breeders of  Toy GoldenDoodles, Mini Golden Doodles, Cavapoos and Cockapoos

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Welcome to our site, we appreciate you taking the time to visit.

Short Mountain Doodles and Poos is a small family business that is focused on quality not quantity. We are not a puppy mill or wholesale breeder, actually quite the contrary. Staying small allows us the time to spend quality time with our Babies and ensure they are healthy, happy, ensuring they get the attention and care they need.

If you are considering making a Fur Baby a part of your life and are a first time owner/parent, please take the time to do your research as this is a commitment to having a permanent family member who will want your attention and love, and in return give you the ultimate in loyalty,love and devotion, not to mention some good entertainment. And having a puppy is really no different that having an infant child, they need to learn their boundaries. This is not an overnight process as with a child, it takes time and patience. But, the rewards are forever and fulfilling.

As you go through my website the first standout thing you will notice is: I'm not a website builder, so apologies in advance. But, I have suggested reading for novice and pro Parents along with details on my breeding age Sires and Dams. 

So take your time and look, if you would have any questions, call or email me.

Thank you in advance for considering us.